Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Polishing & Rust proofing.

Didn't move today, we are in an idyllic spot and on a 48 hour mooring we thought we should moor for the whole 48 hours.

While I T-cut and polished the towpath side of the boat Sue sanitised the inside. Took me 4 hours to complete the job including polishing the chimney.

Shinny side.
Lunch on the towpath.
After this I tackled a job I have been putting off since we bought the boat, the bilge pump sits in its own 2 inch recess in the bilge and was looking a bit rusty. To get to it you have to be a bit of a contortionist, dangling head first into the bilge one hand on an engine strut to stop your self disappearing into the engine 'ole and with your free hand wielding a wire brush, dremmel, degreaser, brush, drying rags and finally  rust proofer. Tomorrow I will give it a coat of primer before a coat of bilge paint.
Wet rust proofer curing.
It was a Titanic effort today, got to do it all again when the towpath changes sides!!

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