Friday, 18 April 2014


Thursday- Swapped positions with Yarwood at the water point. Our guests Angus & Tracey arrived and we set of turning right onto the Upper Peak Forest Canal. I was a bit disappointed in the weather as the forecast I had seen was better than the cool overcast day we were to cruise in. The PF canal gives great views of the hills and peaks that give the area its name. We stopped at Goytside Meadows Nature reserve for lunch with a view of the large viaduct that takes trains to its terminus at the old Roman town of Buxton.

We passed two sunken boats, one was still tied to the bank but the second had broken up and was across the canal Fl felt its top side against her base plate. Sue rang C&RT to tell them about the hazard to navigation. To the right, we passed Furness Vale Marina a string of moorings with moored boats sticking stem or stern at the passing craft.

The final stop of the day was Bugsworth Basin and my concerns about there not being enough room for us were completely unfounded as we were the only boat there. We arranged to meet Alan and Sue (Tracey's mum & dad) at the Navigation Inn where we enjoyed a meal. Afterwards, we didn't disgrace ourselves at the quiz coming in joint second with 20/30.

New Horizons a trip boat for disabled passengers.

Pictured from our mooring, we will turn right  for Bugsworth Basin.

Taking on a bit to much water.

Sue operating swing bridge.

Industrial part of journey


Wreck causing a hazard.

Furness Vale Marina

Dining at the Navigation Inn. Me Tracey, Angus, Alan, Sue and Sue

We have the whole place to ourselves.

Bugsworth Mooring
Sue getting a helmsman's course.

Friday- We arranged for Alan & Sue to meet us at 9am for a cruise back to Marple, the sun was out as the six of us set of for the first stop TESCO at the junction with Whaley Bridge arm.  I took the helm while the rest of the crew walked the towpath for most of todays journey. Sue was glad of the help getting us through the two lift and two swing bridges.


Elly and Mick said...

Nice full length photo of Festina Lente!
Elly x

Andy said...

Thanks Elly. I had recently given it a good polish.