Monday, 15 July 2013

Bourne End

I was up walking Sylar at 7am, there are some pleasant walks over the weir and into the fields beyond. He found a discarded Frisbee and carried it for an hour around Henley's parks and back to the boat. I had my breakfast alfresco on a park bench then we set off under Henley Bridge

Tamesis on the other side of Henley bridge

The green boat is a Broom 30 and has been moored in the same spot for 30 years to my knowledge

The Henley regatta course.

 Temple Island marks the end of the racing course
She has the best view of the course.

Goose guards

All Saints Church is next to Bisham Abbey where the England football team train.

Smart launch.


Larger locks on the Thames

I visited this hut 25 years ago to gain my VHF license

Sylar's gang having fun in the water.

So quaint.

Former Abbey now a private residence 

We tried to moor at Marlow but there wasn't room so we pressed on and moored at Bourne End. Where we took it in turns to entertain Hotdog by swimming, sitting in The Spade Oak garden or walking. This evening I took Hotdog for a walk into the village and stopped off for a quick chat with fellow blogger Ken 

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