Tuesday, 23 July 2013


There were a few thunderstorms with rain around the area today so we waited for them to pass and then headed through, Shepperton and Sunbury lock to Molsey Lock to fill the water tank.

The new Walton Bridge only opened for traffic yesterday.

Lara Croft 


Pink Floyds Dave Gilmour's recording studio.

Houseboats of all sizes.

Nice stern!

British Waterways Pegasus looking unloved.

Pleasure boat.

At Molsey we picked up two visitors my brother Mike and his golden retriever Daisy. The two dogs got on well as we cruised down to Kingston, turned and returned to moor outside Hampton Court Palace. I bet Henry VIII would never imagine that one day there would be diesel-engined narrow boats  moored at the bottom of his garden

Hampton Court Palace


Moored at Hampton Court Palace

Sylar took a shine to Mike.

We took the dogs for a swim in the Thames, Sylar likes to charge in and out the water chasing a ball but Daisy prefers to stay in the water and swim between splashes made by stones thrown by Mike.

Only one brother left to visit.

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