Monday, 8 July 2013


 Todays the day we finally go on to the Thames we left Thrupp around 1100hrs and stopped at the water point to fill our tank, it holds 300ltr and if the water pressure at the tap is low it seems to take an eternity to brim, luckily today the pressure was satisfactory and we were brimmed in 20 mins. Usually, boats will take a short cut down Dukes Cut to the Thames but I wanted to top the diesel tank up at Oxford Cruisers so we continued on the Oxford Canal. This now until we reach the Thames is new territory to us and Sue managed several heavy-lift bridges on her own.

Fuel tank filled we continued to Kings Lock and onto the Thames

Last time we were on the Thames we owned a Birchwood 33 GT that was  16 years ago,
it is going to be interesting to see what changes have been made.

Punting in Oxford

We moored in Oxford and within 10 minutes we were being pestered by a drunk. As it was only 1600hrs we moved on and are now moored at  Sandford in peace and quiet.

Nice and wide , plenty of room for everyone.

One for Clarky.

Wasn't me honest!

Posh garden shed.

Tonight's mooring

Sue is cooking shepherds pie for our tea then we are going to the Kings Arms by Sandford lock to see if they remember us.

Taken tonight 

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