Thursday, 18 July 2013

Queen Vic

I was off the boat by 0545hrs with Sylar this morning for a long walk in the cool early sun. First we had a little play in the park then along the embankment and into town, the councilmen were hard at work already clearing the rubbish and cleaning the paths. We walked up to the Guild Hall and back through the train station, I liked how they have turned this area into a cosmopolitan bistro village, all I can remember being here last time I was here were toilets, a souvenir stall, and a shop selling tartans. Over Eton bridge and along its rows of antique and art shops we trotted and then into The Brocus where Sylar found a mate to play in the water for half an hour, we continued through the field and past the funfair that yesterday had been busy setting  up for the coming fortnight of noisy entertainment and along the opposite bank to where Festina Lente is moored curtains were still shut so we retraced our steps and stopped to play in the park for a while before arriving back at the boat at 0800hrs with a tired and hungry puppy.

I've been dog sitting most the rest of the day while Nikita has been at the hairdressers and Sue has been shopping. Sue and I walked into town when Nikita returned as I needed to buy a replacement brush and some rechargeable batteries for the DAB radio. These Dab radios eat ordinary batteries (Decimate All Batteries)

We are going to  The Waterman Arms an old favourite of ours to see if it has changed any.

Queen Vic is front of the house.

We were frequent visitors to Windsor in our old Thames cruising days as it was a comfortable weekend jaunt from our moorings at firstly Shepperton Marina and then Penton Hook Marina but today is the first time I have felt like a tourist.

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