Thursday, 4 July 2013


The morning was overcast and windy as we started our cruise this morning but it soon brightened up and the afternoon and evening were very warm in the sunshine.

After two miles of cruising, we pulled onto the pontoon for The Pig Place and Sue went in to buy sausages and came out with sausages, strawberries, water buffalo ice cream and courgettes.

Last time we were here we had burgers cooked for us but it was too soon after breakfast for a repeat today.

We continued for a further 3.5 miles and have found a fantastic mooring beside a meadow near the village of Somerton

Views of todays back garden.

Sue returning after lifting the bridge to let me through.

A sea of blue in the farmer's fields.


Sue made a large pot of chicken curry for our tea and afterwards we both had a 3-mile ramble to Heyford Common Lock under a warm cloudless summer evening sky.

Posh Gazebo 

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