Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Got a text message from Nikita at 0200hrs saying they were both tucked up in bed on the Ferry.

We woke up without any sunshine for the first time in weeks'.

Sylar left  his favourite toy behind so Sue went to the village post office to send it to him. We left our mooring at Shepperton  after the rain had stopped around 1400hrs, we had to put jumpers on to keep warm. We had a call from my brother Alan as we passed through Penton Hook Lock and arranged to meet him at The Swan in Staines.

I had a glass of Seafarers Ale with Alan in the pub's patio area while Sue went into Staines for a few items. We got going through Staines bridge and then thought where should we moor for the night, the sun was shining by now and it was turning into a lovely evening so we decided to turn and moor in our favourite moorings just before Penton Hook Lock. The moorings are to grass and the owners of the houses on the towpath keep them neatly clipped, if you're not in the know you'd think they were private moorings. 

I set the satelite dish up for the first time in ages and promptly turned the TV off as I couldn't find anything of interest. Now while I type this Sue has caught eight roach and a bleak.

Oops how did that get on the boat.

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