Thursday, 11 July 2013

Nikita and Sylar


Set off just before 0900hrs  and once through Caversham lock, we stopped at the very handy Tesco mooring. Sue spent a couple of hours walking up and down their aisles and I bought a pair of shorts and a Dab radio. I have it on now inside the boat listening to Talksport and The Ashes while I write this. We have moored in the Thames and Kennet Marina for a couple of days as our daughter and puppy are joining us. She came on the ferry to Heysham and drove down in the early hours arriving at 0330hrs.  The Puppy has grown so much since the last time we saw him.

We will probably stay here till Saturday while Sylar gets used to the boat and the girls do some shopping, we have been invited to a BBQ Saturday evening but expect we will leave before then.


I took Sylar for a long walk to let Nikita sleep for a while, the rest of the day has been used up with a Sainsbury's delivery and playing with the dog. 

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