Friday, 12 July 2013

Heat Wave

Today we have been saddened by the news that one of Nikita's friends has died in an accident during racing at the Southern 100, this after an ex-colleague of mine died in a practice session earlier in the week.

We have not done a lot around the boat today apart from Sue who has been baking bread and cakes and walking the dog.

Sylar, the huge puppy, is only 6 months old but boy does he fill the space in the cabin. He love's to rip cardboard into little pieces and spread them everywhere. He is not very coordinated and needs help to get on and of the at the stern, we have to put his front paws on to the pontoon for him and push his rear end to coax him to step off. We have bought a fan to keep him cool as the poor chap is overheating in this heatwave.

Happy Birthday to a special follower my sister Yvonne. X

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