Wednesday, 17 July 2013


At play in Cliveden

View across the river from Cliveden.

 Sculptured log seat

 We got out from under the trees at Cliveden with a little difficulty. A branch swept the roof and we lost a dustpan brush over the side which sank out of sight. Through Boulters Lock  where there was only one solitary gongoosler to watch our manoeuvring competency. We spotted Rolf Harris in his garden  among the million pound plus bankside homes in Maidenhead. In  Romney Lock the  skipper on the boat behind left it in gear the result one slightly bent tiller on Festina Lente.

Roux brothers establishment.

Wild fauna in the countryside

Hotdog cooling down

We have got a good mooring spot in Windsor outside the leisure centre in the shade of some tall trees. As I write this the girls are in town hunting down a hairdresser and handbags to match shoes. Sylar is under the table sleeping, all this swimming is exhausting for him.

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