Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Beer Hunter

It appears that I often mention the Beer Hunter in these blogs, please don't think this is my only aim in life like some raving alcoholic, the truth is these sorties are for a bit of light exercise which I combine with  my penchant for sampling quality Real British Ales which are usually only consumed one glass per sortie.

A little information regards the Beer Hunter.

Stella Artois Gears
Newton and Ridley frame
Okells Chain Set
Courages Front disk brake
Thwaites Rear Brake
Weatherspoons bars
Theakstons Tyres
Marston Pedigree Pedals
Double Maxim  Front Suspension
EverardsRear Shock
Sam Smiths Saddle.

As for performance it requires a Two Legged incline pusher but on those downward tracks its fast, and now and again a little bit wobbly especially on the return journeys.

I don't wear a helmet because I never did when I was a lad and I ride mostly on the canal banks and by their very nature they are on the level, except at locks, plus there isn't any traffic to knock you off. Having said that coming back from an unsuccessful hunt I did fly downhill on a stony track at breakneck speed , I'm sure if I had time to look the brake disc would of been glowing red hot.

I'm getting fed up with the amount of punctures I get when cycling along the towpath due to the amount of thorns from hedge trimming. I need to reinforce those tyres. I  have  got some old carpet and lino on the boat that I will cut into strips and pack between the tyres and inner tubes to give them a bit more protection. There are puncture free tyres on the market but they are much to expensive to put on the BH, the bike would become more appealing for tea leafs with them fitted, at the moment when moored its either left in the hedgerow or on the roof unlocked.

When we were last in Halfords I was tempted by one of those fold up jobbies they were on offer at a third off, this was still too expensive though. Sue is not a great fan of BH on the roof but even a fold up bike will take up a lot of room in the cratch.

This was part of my old cycling route, it is Douglas Promenade, 1.7 miles long and flat, the white lines are part of a designated cycle way. The hills around the island were a bit too much for me so I used to take the bike in the back of the car to the promenade and do as many circuits as I could, usually 4 to 6.

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scott kewley said...

Get some mooses in them there tyres yessir!!