Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Relaxed beef

Sunny and hot all the way today. Set off at 9am for Braunston at a leisurely pace and soon had a boat tailing us so we moved over and waved him through. Arrived in Braunston around 1130am filled our water tank and turned the boat at the entrance to Braunston Marina and we are now moored on the 48 hour moorings opposite The Boathouse which my canal guide describes as a 'canal side pub long ago disfigured by a Mississippi steamboat style extension'

We picked up some supplies from our favourite butcher and the store opposite and as it was so hot we treated ourselves to  ice lolly's. This afternoon I strolled down to have a chat with John from Solar Afloat who said he had an enquiry from a chap who reads this blog. So we had a shandy and I came away with two free gifts, a battery tester and a 12v plug. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with a few chores hoovering and mopping the floors and cleaning the bathroom. Then I gave our tiller and pin a good going over with Brasso, I wish the brass roof vent mushrooms would come up as good as they.

Looking back to Braunston Junction from our mooring at 9pm

This chap was so relaxed in the cool water he hardly moved a muscle as we passed him by.

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