Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dirty Boys

We moved yesterday evening back to our isolated location by bridge 100 although not so out of the way now as the mooring here is getting full.

This morning we woke to glorious sunshine and we were soon pottering around doing some chores. I got on with painting the forward gunnel where I have lost some paint by rubbing the sides of locks.

I also give the stove another blacking while Sue did some baking
I've already sampled the Spiced Crumble Cake and it tastes excellent I don't suppose it will last too long. 

In the afternoon I cycled into Braunston but instead of using the towpath I turned left over bridge 98 which meant lugging the bike over a stye and through a few keep shut country gates.

Going down some of these tracks I felt like one of the 'Dirty Boys' again.  The dirty boys were a group of mature off-road motorcycling friends I used to go out with on a Sunday morning on the green/muddy lanes of the Isle of Man. 

Down this track is the church of St Peter it was locked today but you are able to get a key from a nearby house to look inside.

I made my way to Braunston marina and for a moment I thought Elizabeth would be coming to the show, everywhere was newly painted in white, the bridge, railings, buildings, seats and planters all had a lick of wet paint on them.

After my visit to the marina, I took the BH along the towpath to the locks and so to The Admiral Nelson to search out Timothy Taylor which a fellow boater had recommended I try.
and very good it was to.

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Dirty boy's and mature in the same sentence. HMmmmmmmm ;)