Friday, 21 June 2013


Sainsbury's delivery came on time and as we were loading it from van to trolley a huge vehicle arrived with our new mattress I did ask the driver if he would be able to take the old mattress to the amenity site for disposal for a cash fee but he declined. We got the new mattress on to another trolley and we wheeled them to our pontoon. Bit of a struggle getting the mattress into the boat but with a bit of huffing, pushing and shoving it was in.

The base of the bed slides out and the insert fits in to make a 5ft bed, the old mattress was only 4ft and was a little too snug for the pair of us. I had to fabricate 2 supporting legs for the base that slides into the companionway.

I rang a local man and van who came straight round and took away the old mattress, a little expensive but we needed it gone.

I took the beer hunter out for a spin to try and locate an Inn that has Sky Sports, it's the first Lion's Test against Australia tomorrow but to no avail.

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