Saturday, 22 June 2013

British and Irish Lions

It was a very blustery day when we woke on our comfy new mattress, I made the tea and bacon sarnies and then got the treader off the roof to go up the hill into Napton to post number one granddaughters birthday card for Monday and buy a newspaper.

We are streaming the Lions game live to the computer, the picture is watchable and has only buffered a few times, we have Talksport on the radio to listen to the commentary in English but it's about 10 seconds in front of the picture, ah well it is better than nothing. At the moment it's half time and the Lions are in front by one point 12 to 13...........

We managed to get a link into Sky Sports for the second half with English commentary.

In the second half, the game continued to be close with the Lions running out 21 - 23 winners.
Beale had 2 penalty kicks in the last few minutes to win it for Australia but fluffed both chances.

Sue gets extremely excited during these test and jumps and shouts encouragement to the players at each Lions attack, with the odd adult groan aimed at the Ref and commentator Stuart Barnes.

It's a bit depressing that the days are already shortening before we have hardly had any summer. In this marina they have the Black Prince holiday boats for hire and I can't help but feel a little sorry for the holidaymakers as they set out onto the canal all wrapped up from the gusting wind and showers but then boating is like that, it doesn't matter about wind rain or so indeed ice and snow because you take your home with you and the warmth of the saloon and a pot of tea are only a few steps away.

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