Thursday, 6 June 2013

Donkey's and a Scary bloke

Went to bed last night at 2130hrs and got up this morning at 0930hrs, what are we now  teenagers again!

It was little bit grey which was soon replaced by wall to wall sunshine, the scenery is white with blossom from the hawthorn tree, shades of green from every type of leaf possible as they do their daily chore in  photosynthesis, and deep yellow from fields of rapeseed and golden from wild buttercups.

I didn't realise buttercups can grow so tall when not mown down in a lawn.



If I had a donkey and it wouldn't go do you think I'd beat it oh ,no, no, no.

Scary bloke in a field

We were helped up the Claydon flight of locks by  Paul a lovely chatty  chap who has to be back to work by 5am on Tuesday in Sheffield (didn't get his boat's name but he'll have to get a crack on ) and by the time we had got to the bottom lock we knew he had had a couple of heart ops and his wife Claire had an arthritic knee. 

Sue had a slight mishap when the windlass she was using whipped back and hit her arm making a large bruise.
Sue at Claydon lock


Can't remember which lock!

This Moorhen chick could only of been a day old, it was so tiny.
See how you like it big boy!

We are now moored for the night at Fenny Compton Sue made a loaf 

and then we walked down to the Wharf Inn because Sue wanted to purchase some herbs, as we were there we sat in the garden and had a glass of Stella and a sparkling water.

While dinner was on I took the beer hunter down the towpath and bought Sue some Scampi Fries
she had seen them earlier behind the bar at the Wharf Inn, she mentioned that she hadn't had a packet for twenty odd years. While I was there I sat in the garden and had a glass of Stella!

We have good signals for all devices this evening so I am looking forward to the TT racing on ITV4 and a tribute to Joey Dunlop afterwards.

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