Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hands of time

Windy and wet today so going to stay put for today. We haven't done a lot today, Sue has been baking bread and doing some washing while I have been tidying the tool cupboards at the stern and the lockers at the bow.

These two areas seem to get in a mess all too easily and I spend a noticeable amount of time peering into their deepest darkest corners deciding how best to rearrange the contents within. Usually I'll sit on the rear steps, open the cupboard doors, staring at the array of tools while I muse in my mind's eye where the best position for each item might be, then I'll remove all items from the shelves and put them back again in a slightly different & more satisfying position. Perhaps I'm developing OCD where the tool kit is concerned or I might just have too much time on my hands, I'll be back on the steps before the end of the week.

We aren't going to travel far this week as we want to go to The Historic Narrowboat Rally at Braunston next weekend.

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