Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Arose to a warm day, so after we had readied ourselves we walked into Rugby town, it's about a mile walk. We had a look around the shops and eyed a few items we would purchase after we had visited the museum's. While having a coffee in Nero's I got a call from the engineer saying the alternator had been fixed and he was on the way to the boat. We quickly made our purchases and high tailed it back to the boat, the museum can wait till next time we are in town. By the time we got back to the boatyard the engineer had fitted the alternator and gone (I had left the back hatch open just in case he called).

We said goodbye to the boatyard staff and left a donation to their Christmas party and made our way to Brinklow Marina and turned around in their basin then headed back towards Braunston. We cruised a total of 6.5 hours that's a record for us. We are now moored at the southern end of the Barby Straight.

On our travels today we met a man sitting  by Walton Bridge eating strawberries who instructed us to duck, wonder if that is his official C&RT job or did he just take it upon himself to be helpful, if so he should move his position to on top of the bridge because while turning to see who had uttered this command I very nearly clouted my bonce on the masonry.
Walton Bridge

There is another Walton Bridge that was voted the most ugliest bridge over the river Thames 

This is in the process of being replaced by this one below  Click Here  due to open in July.

The bridge crosses the Thames between our old home of Shepperton and Walton on Thames and has been a worsening bottleneck for traffic as long as I can remember, this should move the bottleneck on a few miles.

Newbold Tunnel has coloured lights down its length although most of them were out when we passed through.

Got any bread mate ... 'No'!

Come on lets try the next boat

Loved this T-shirt on sale in Rugby


Adam said...

I'd be amazed if you turned in Blisworth Marina -- given that it's about a day and a half from where you are!

Andy said...

Thanks Adam , I wish I could say it was a deliberate error but I can't. of course it was Brinklow Marina... I will edit the blog.