Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It was raining when we set off for Braunston this morning, as we chugged along we spotted Solar Afloat moored and pulled in behind  to have a quick chat with John as we always knew we wanted solar fitted to Festina Lente. After lengthy discussions on the different types of packages to suit our needs a deal was struck, while John prepares the panels box's and fittings (he tows a neat little workshop behind his boat 'Plum'). We will continue to Braunston to have our tank cleaned at JG Marine tomorrow and be back with John on Thursday to have the panels fitted.

Now at Braunston moored opposite the Boat House but we won't be using it as we prefer the more traditional types of establishment.

We walked over the bridge to Midland Chandlers to get paint and a few other consumable items for the boat, unfortunately they don't stock the Craftmaster paint that I have been using on the roof but I did get some black non slip paint for the gunnels, rust inhibitor, more fender hangers and wet and dry paper.

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Adam said...

The chandler at the bottom lock usual have Craftmaster paint.