Saturday, 15 June 2013

River Canal Rescue

Bit of an overcast day today with a stiff breeze and occasional squally showers,

Started off towards Rugby and once through Braunston Turn and on the way to the Barby straight we got an alarm warning on the Vetus control panel. After mooring up I found that the rev counter had stopped working along with the battery indicator light I checked that a fan belt hadn't snapped then I phoned the nearest engineer and it was agreed I would meet him at Willow Wren  boat yard in Rugby another 6 miles away, we pressed on listening out for any unusual noise and sniffing the air for melting rubber as you do when you think things are about to go bang.
We made it too Willow Wren without any mishaps and Ian quickly diagnosed a faulty starter alternator, problem is its Saturday afternoon and we can't get a replacement till Monday.

The silver alternator on the bottom fan belt feeds the bank of 5 leisure batteries and that ones ok. The culprit is the one just above it on the top fan belt, as it is the same colour as the engine I suspect it has been on there since new. Anyway Ian went of home and I had a thought, we joined the RCR so I got there blurb out and we are covered for replacement starter alternators. I rang RCR and told them the situation but they wouldn't take Ian's word for it that it was the alternator even though he does call out work for them, so as I write this another engineer is on his way about an hours drive from here to have a look also.

Never mind we have the Argentina v England rugby test tonight and the signal for all devices is excellent .Tesco's is 5 min walk and Rugby centre a 20 min walk so we will probably go there tomorrow.

Later ....

Tom RCR guy turned up and diagnosed the same alternator problem as Ian and guess what he can't do anything till Monday. He did have a new alternator in his van but alas it had different fixing points.

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