Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sweet Satellite

Martin arrived at 9:30 am as planned and fitted our satellite package and spent quite some time with us going through what the receiver does and how to point the dish to to the correct bit of the sky. We now have hundreds of free channels at our disposal ...if I can point the dish correctly after we move.

The Candy Boat pulled in behind us and set out his confections, we resisted for all of 10 minutes then we were compelled  to go and make a purchase we bought:

Rhubarb Fudge
White chocolate mice
Aniseed balls
Parma Violets
Acid drops
Lime sweets
Ginger bottles

After lunch we filled the water tank and said goodbye to Thrupp. We are now going north as it's a bit early for the Thames, we need to be in Windsor around the end of July for a wedding.

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