Sunday, 5 May 2013


Didn't get out of bed till 10am today, must be all the fresh air around here.Plenty of cloud cover but still quite warm.
We decided to go to the Cropredy Marina open day to see what facility's they provided, 'bugger all' is the answer it is just a muddy hole in a field, why call it an open day! Did some shopping in Halfords and Sainsburys as we were out.
For IOM readers Tesco was £1.33

Back at the Wigrams we turned Festina around and I spent the afternoon and evening t-cutting the boat. I used a different product on  this side it was car plans tcut with dark blue pigment. This proved a lot better as I didn't have to  polish over it and the blue pigment hides a lot of the scratches but I had to be careful over the white sign writing as scratches on this would turn blue also. So that is the predominant dark blue panels done, tomorrow I will do the light blue surrounds and red borders in tcut original and polish over this.

Had a nice steak for out tea and have had the TV on to watch Peter Kay, funny back home we spent £60 a month on a Sky TV subscription and we haven't missed it a bit, yet.

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