Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Today we got the bus which stops at the top of the road into Kidlington to post a package back home to Nikita and to pick up some groceries. We will be leaving Thrupp tomorrow after the satellite man has installed our new dish and receiver. We have enjoyed our week here and would recommend it to all, for it's friendly boating club, peaceful location, pleasant surroundings, couple of good boozers( well one that I have been in was good) I will try the other  The Jolly Boatman tonight.

I was thinking to myself earlier about some of the things that amuse me while cruising, one of them is Reeds because they appear to do a little dance (just like those battery operated Sunflowers in a pot you may have bought for mothers day)  and wave as you pass them by, the closer to the middle of the canal that they can encroach  the more energetic the dancing and the waving get , then they are still again until the next narrow boat comes along , I'm sure if I turned the engine off and listened for a while I might just hear them giggle a little too.

Went to The Jolly Boatman and look at what was on the pumps
Okells is a brewery on the Isle of Man, I had the Tiger beer from Leicester a nod to their rugby team I think.

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