Saturday, 18 May 2013


Leaving Cropredy on a very grey day although still in pleasant surroundings. Sue had help in a couple of locks from an elderly gentleman who resembled this guy who sheared his sheep dog in the Spec Saver advert on TV.

 It is not until we pass under the M40 motorway bridge and through Hardwick lock that urban  Banbury comes in to view Banbury is a market town that has embraced the canal and very smart it looks too with new shopping centre and attractive canalside walkways.

Here we spent a while in the historic Tooley's Boatyard which  has been at this site since 1790.

Afterwards we did some shopping and Sue bought some maggots for her rod  and I bought a couple of tyres and inner tubes for the treader.

I spent hour fitting the new rubber rings to the bike and I had a little ride before dinner. Can't get a signal for the TV where we have moored (large industrial bakery unit opplosite us) so we are going to miss the eurovision song contest.. hooray!

But the phone signal is excellent.

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