Friday, 10 May 2013

Still here

Still very windy here this morning with the odd shower so we are staying put maybe for the weekend, there's no need for us to travel in inclement weather like the two week hire boaters.
By lunch time I decided I would cycle up the hill to Napton village stores, well not cycle exactly but push the thing most of the way up the hill. Supplies bought and tucked into my ruck sack I was looking forward to free wheeling all the way down the hill, Came out the store and straddled my steed "bugger" the front tyre has a puncture, so had to push the treader all the way home again.

Nice aroma when I got back to the boat as Sue has been baking scone's, will try and make these last the weekend.

The wildlife in the marina appear to know which boats are inhabited and turn up like clock work for morsels from the kitchen each day.
These little fella's are getting bigger every day.

The swan's are happy for me to feed them but if I get too near the signets with my camera they soon let me know about it. HisSssSSssssss

Dinner of jacket potatoes with beans was cooked in the Epping stoves oven which was lit this morning when we got up as the forecast was for a cool day. 

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