Saturday, 25 May 2013

Crick show

Went to the boat show at Crick today. We spent a good 5 hours having a good look through all the exhibitors wares and spent a little more than we ought.

Ratchet Windlass
Two L.E.D.  reading lights for the bedroom
Two fenders
Mooring pin
Mooring spike
Rubber matting
Chimney Hat
Flue cover
Nickleson Guide to Thames
Non slip mats
Ordered a new mattress
Ordered freeview Satellite dish and receiver.
Pressies for Nikita and Christine.

We had a chance meeting with a couple of boaters Barry and Pauline while sharing a table drinking cup's of tea, we had a good chat and a laugh, phone numbers exchanged and invitations to visit their boat and marina when we pass their way. These encounters have happened to us a few times now it must be a boaty thing as everyone being so chilled out and contented with life they can just open themselves up to total strangers but kindred spirits.

Caught Terry Darlington buying pork scratchings in one of the food marquees, how cool was that.

We didn't go on any of the brand new show boats that were on show our way of thinking is we can't afford them so we don't want to see what we are missing, but we sat on the bank looking at how gorgeous they looked in their pristine paintwork, one week with me at the helm through Braunston tunnel would soon change that.


Elly and Mick said...

Shame we didn't know you'd be there too! Great day out isn't it.

Andy Tidy said...

Did we meet - we were running the Jam stall opposite the pork scratching stall in the food tent!

Andy said...

Not on this occasion Ahab but will be sure to another day.