Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Descending into the Thames Valley

Moved further south on the Oxfordshire canal today total of 8 miles and 5 locks. We struggled a bit opening a swing bridge, every time Sue pulled on it before she could get it to the critical point where the counter balance weight takes over it pulled her upwards so I roped the boat to the bank and pushed one end of the bridge up while Sue pulled the other,  a passer by helped Sue keep it in position while I got the boat underneath.

Nee Allen

First one of these we have seen the cull must be working.

Leaking gates

Locks are getting deeper as we descend into the Thames Valley
 Clematis on the bridge

It's been another peaceful day on the canal passing through open countyside that closed in on us now and again. We are moored for the night below Old Brighton Bridge near the village of Tackley. Sue has her fishing gear out so I went for a 5 mile cycle along the tow path to The Rock of Gibraltar  for a glass of Lancaster Amber

Sue cooked the pork belly for our tea  and we have pork chops for tomorrow,what with the pork sausages we had yesterday I'll be growing a curly tail. 

We have let the Epping range fire go out as it has been so mild the last couple of days and with the stove still in it gets to warm to sleep.

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