Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A bit Winnie the Pooh

Got up this morning to more visitors to the kitchen window.

This fellow was told to go round to the other side of the boat to the side hatch if she wanted breakfast

The wildlife around here is obedient 

After breakfast we moved down to the fuel pontoon to fill with diesel and get a bag of coal. Didn't think we would be buying coal in May! but forecast is for rain and gales overnight and getting cooler the rest of the week.

Fuel for propulsion and for power  are at different rates but it all goes into the same tank so you have to sign a fuel declaration form  on what percentages you use for which, a bit confusing but the alternative is to pay duty on all the  fuel so it seems to work ok.

We buy the bags in 25kg bags and then decant it into smaller bags and store these under the dinette table floor, There are 10 coals ber bag and two bags last 24 hours if the grate door is closed and the damper at its lowest setting. If we cook on the stove in the evening it uses an extra bag.

This means we could dump the cumbersome coal scuttle.

The rain has arrived so I will watch one more episode of 24 hours then series 6 will be complete. Sue is baking a loaf so a pleasant aroma is permeating the cabin.

Outside it's starting to get a bit like reading my favourite Winnie the Pooh story " The Blustery Day" but inside we are warm and cozy.

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