Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I started cutting and polishing after breakfast and stopped at 5pm and still only one side of the boat done! There hasn't been a cloud in the sky all day so as well as my arm aching I have got a red head. I will find a different job for tomorrow as I can't face another day polishing in ever decreasing circles (I could do with an electric buffer.)

Sue has been degreasing the cooker, washing and ironing curtains as well as giving the windows a good clean.

For some unknown reason we can connect to Three Internet through the MiFi unit but our Three phones  or a pay as you go Orange sim can't get a signal unless we walk up to the top of a nearby grassy bank. I suppose that is the small price we will pay for living in the middle of nowhere.

Hard at it 
One side shinny

Duck chicks 

Coot chicks

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Elly and Mick said...

Hi Andy & Sue,
Great work on the polishing... doesn't it make a difference!
Elly (nb Parisien Star)