Thursday, 2 May 2013


Woke up to another cloudless sky , that's two days' in a row can't remember the last time that happened.
I serviced the engine, on this type of  boat that means dismantling a complicated array of steps and deck boards for access(it's not just a case of lifting a bonnet) and then finding somewhere to store these while you work, the bedroom had to fill this temporary storage role.

Sue's been baking this morning a nice fruit cake and a beautiful bloomer loaf.

We decided we would go and pick the car up from Weedon and go to Tescos, after trying three cab firms the earliest  we could be picked up was 1730hrs  "sod that" we said, that's a 3 hour wait! ,we'll get the bus. The marina receptionist couldn't help us with a bus timetable but she said the bus did stop at the marina entrance.  Ok it's a nice day so we waited for an hour and no bloody bus "sod this" we'll book that 1730hrs taxi. As we walked back into the marina the bus went sailing by "Sod It"

While we waited Sue got her fishing rod out and caught a roach and a rather large bream that broke her line and I decided to brush the chimney flue which resulted in lots of soot over the freshly washed curtains. Oh dear.

The taxi came at 1730hrs and the driver politely robbed us of £32 for a 15 minute ride, spent £305 in Tesco and got 'sod all' for our tea!  So we stopped in a pub (can't remember the name)on the way home and had a Two for one meal deal of 8oz burgers, chips ,a pint of Banks ale and a J20 for £14  result!

 Above found on some storage sheds in Weedon.

Canal T Junction

Sue Fishing

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