Monday, 6 May 2013


This morning I finished the polishing, hopefully it wont need to be done again till 2014. After lunch we went for a walk along the Napton flight of locks, they were very quiet for a bank holiday monday.
View from the locks to the village of Napton on the hill
Sue looking relaxed

Could be the African Plains

This one's keeping himself cool.

They are all Water Buffalo the farmer keeps them for their rich milk which is turned into mozzarella cheese.

We have decided the car is too much of a hassle to keep having to move around with us, so we are going to return it back to the IOM tomorrow and then get a flight to Birmingham a train to Leamington Spa and a bus back to Napton. 

On the way up to Liverpool we will pop into the 3 shop in Rugby as the sims we have wont dial a Manx cell phone. I did ring Igbol in Delhi again but he was no help at all.

Then the plan is to go down the canal to Banbury and Oxford and then decide what to do next.

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