Saturday, 18 April 2015

Vale Royal to Barnton

We left the Vale Royal moorings at 09:45, sun with a chilly breeze again. On the south bank a salt works is spread out for a mile its conveyor belts rattling the salt into a huge silo. The spoil from this industry are in huge mountains heaps along the bank, one of the heaps is covered in plastic sheeting.

At Winsford we winded and retraced our route back through two locks, a short stop at Waitrose in Northwich for supplies and we were passing the Anderton lift to starboard and the huge Brunner Mond chemical plant ,with it's huge wharfs to port, soda ash and polythene are created here , some of the buildings look derelict.

Once we get past the works things begin to improve, the channel becomes a meandering rural river. We moor at Barnton which for us is the best part of the river we have seen so far. Behind the towpath hedge a dairy herd is grazing on the hillocks between the gorse bushes. The sun's warm, time to get a paint brush out again.
Barton Mooring

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