Saturday, 4 April 2015

Thunderbirds are Go.

We have been holed up in the marina since we left the drydock, I had manflu to get over before we set off on our travel's, the weather has been gale force winds driving hail and rain for the first part of the week then a day of sunshine before more rain.

Today we decided to get going on our 2015 cruise even if I am still coughing like an old Bollinger engine. We exited the marina via the entrance as 5 boats were waiting for pump out/diesel. It's cool as we enter Aston lock, leaving it behind us we are a mile from Stone when the alarm went of for an alternator fault. We continued and moored below Star lock on the 5 day moorings. A quick check to make sure the fan belts are ok before a call to International Rescue (RCR). Thunderbird 3 would be with us by 4pm it is now 11am.  Time enough for a walk around the farmers market and a chip butty lunch in the Royal Exchange, the bar has been turned into a beach with sandy floor, palm trees and sea scenes decorating the walls, Lawrence was wearing a grass skirt of sorts while pulling ale. You have to hand it to landlady Michelle, she will try allsorts to pull in the punters.

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Tiki Bar.

When we got back to the boat I started the engine...the fault had disappeared only to reappear after idling for 10 minutes. The engineer came at 3pm we started the engine, ran it for 30 minutes and no fault was found. Maybe a bit of condensation/corrosion due to not being used over the winter caused the problem. We will see if it returns tomorrow.

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