Thursday, 9 April 2015


Wow another fine sunny day.. we decided to stay and use the full 48 hour limit to the mooring here at Wheelock. We had a 20 minute stroll into the pleasant town of Sandbach for some supplies, being a Thursday the market was on so we checked out the stalls, we bought  pork and black pudding pie which we had for lunch in the local Costas with coffee and tea.

Sandbach has a handsome cobbled market square with a half timbered thatched pub on one corner, as well as the war memorial there are historical Saxon Crosses dating from the 9th Century, a plaque reads:

Saxon crosses completed in the 9th century to commemorate the advent of Christianity in this Kingdom of Mercia about AD 653 in the reign of the Saxon king Penda. They were restored in 1816 by Sir John Egerton after destruction by iconoclasts.

Sandbach Crosses.

Back at the boat I wanted to do some more painting but the steel was to hot, so that will wait for a cooler day. Instead I washed the port side down, the guys with grass strimmers had been along while we were away and some unhappy mutterings were heard among some of our fellow boaters. 

We said farewell to Barry and the Homebrew boat as he makes his way to Stone, I must say I have had a dislike of homebrew, Sue's dad and a lot of his family were into home brewing in quite a big way, 30 years ago we went to a family do, where all the drink was home brew, I hated it all, went home stone cold sober. So when Barry offered me a glass of the 5 day old red wine he had brewed I wasn't expecting much, but to my surprise it was really very good, better than the Blossom Hill I like for about £6 a bottle .... now I wonder if Sue will let me have some space in the kitchen for a kit. 

Brewing has come along way since my Father in laws brewing days and talking to Barry over a few beers in the Cheshire Cheese you can tell how knowledgeable and passionate he is about it. Check out his website here.


Barry Teutenberg said...

Thanks for the plug Andy. Was great to meet up for a chat and enjoy a couple ... or three ... or four pints of Hydes, and a chat with Sue this morning. Thanks again for your help up the locks.

Andy said...

Enjoyed our chat's and the Hydes...hopefully meet Sandra next time our paths cross.

Cheers and beers