Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Short cruise

Before we moved of yesterday morning, we went to the workshop of Cratch Covers & Canopies and spoke to Hazel & Tim about a new cover for FL. We looked over some of their work in the marina and liked what we saw, style and material was decided on but  unfortunately this busy couple can't fit us in to the end of July, as we will be on the Thames by then we will probably wait till we are back up north in November.

We cruised for four miles passing through Hack Green locks and moored above Mickley Bridge, the canal here slices through farmland. The local canal society have placed a lot of tables and benches on this stretch but we are the only ones here to use them. 

Masking tape and paint came out again, the large panel's coach lines were rubbed down and painted, only one more section to do on the port side which will hopefully be done this morning, weather permitting. Today it's a bright day but very windy, showers are forecast with snow on high ground, 

Luckily no high ground around here.

Moored at this marker.

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