Friday, 17 April 2015

River Weaver

Friday - After I had visited the Anderton lift visitor centre we cast of from our mooring on the banks of a nature park for our first cruise up river on the Weaver. The river takes us back to Northwich this time passing through the town, there are three swing bridges in town all of a suitable height for FL to pass under comfortably. A handy Waitrose is canalside, Sue has earmarked a stop there on our return journey.


We rang Hunt Lock lockkeeper as we passed under Navigation bridge and he had the lock ready for us as we approached. There are two locks side by side, one is huge, we used the smaller of them which still dwarfed FL. The keeper sends down a line for you to tie your centre line to which he hauls up and ties to a bollard then manually opens the sluice. The side sluice keeps FL gently against the lock wall as we rise.

As we left, the helpful lockie told us he would ring Vale Royal lock to let them know we were on our way, sure enough the lock was ready when we arrived half hour later.

Town swing bridge

Hunt lock.

A Cogged quadrant opens\closes the gate.

Unusual lock ladder.

I like the lines of this vessel.

We are now moored at Vale Royal Cut.

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