Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cheshire flight.

How nice it is to open the doors to cool air and a warm sun, to fields of green, smoke from a metal chimney drifting across the canal. Ducks are chasing around to find a spring time mate, birds of all description are tweeting different tunes. A thick copse of trees awakening from a dormant winter, magpies scratching in the dirt, a dog and master exercise along the path being overtaken by a fluorescent jogger. The sun turns the muddy canal water into a shimmering mirror.

I veiw all this while having bacon banjos and coffee on the stern deck.... a good way to start the day.

We did the rest of the Cheshire flight of locks (14) today and only met three other boats. We are now moored at Wheelock. I got the paint brushes out to put a topcoat on the port handrail I primed and undercoated last year.

Barry from TheHomeBrewboat  pulled in to moor, after a brief chat a bevvy in the Cheshire Cheese was arranged for later this evening.

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