Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ellesmere 70's party.

Set off at 08:00 from our overnight mooring, weather started off cool but was warm an hour later. We are in a 22 mile lock free pound  so progress was quite swift in narrowboat terms, the River Dee flow in the canal helping by pushing FL towards the east. We make it to Ellesmere's C&RT yard in little over an hour averaging 5mph A top up with fresh water, rid FL of all things dumpable and we move FL down the Ellesmere arm to moor behind a boat decked out with "I'm 70 today" balloons plenty of bottles of beer, wine and spirits aboard, the whole crew were septuagenarians and older.

We all have a walk into town, a 2 mile walk around the shores of The Mere (lake) until our own onboard septugearian has had enough. We refresh Betty with Chardonay and ourselves with ale at the Red Lion. Suitably rested, we were shortly back on board where I did some tinkering down the engine 'ole while the crew went to Tesco's. Betty pulled the  heavy wheeled shopping bag back to the boat and Sue arrived back laden with carrier bags

We set off at 15:00 to get a way from the party in full swing next door to find an overnight mooring in a rural spot, we spotted Mr. Fox stalking a pheasant but I didn't have the camera to hand to record it. We have now moored past Cole Mere in a quiet spot.

08:00 start

Maestermyn Bridge

Forgot the name bridge.

Spotted Tilly but no one was in.

The Mere.

Sculpture called 'The Stairway to Heaven'.

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