Sunday, 21 September 2014

Exterminate,, exTERminate..EXterminATE

From our mooring we had a walk to Snugburys dairy farm where they sell their ice creams from a shop on the premises. It's about a mile hike across fields with a few stiles to climb and a six bar gate as we went the wrong way at one point.

The farm create a work of art each year out of straw, this years sculpture celebrates 50 years of Dr Who.

Back at the boat we untied FL from the bank and set off. Pasture land as far as the eye can see is on both sides of the canal. Large herds of 100 or more cows to port and thoroughbred horses to starboard, heads bent low on muscular necks munching on the carpet of green grass.

We have moored at Wrenbury and had Sunday lunch in the Dusty Miller the roast had all gone by our 03:30 arrival so Welsh black rib eye steak and steak burgers were enjoyed with glasses of Unicorn, Blonde and a Chardonnay for Wrinkles.

A locked gate wasn't going to come between Betty and ice cream

Farm pig.

Farm ice cream parlour 

Apparently a local 'elf and safety' busy body wanted  it torn down as it's a distraction to driver's on the nearby road..... shall we tear down Stonehenge too.... knob head.

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