Monday, 22 September 2014

Just chilling.

It's that time of year where we wake up to condensation on the windows, made worse because there are three of us on the boat. Getting the mil to stop breathing would help but I'll try putting up the secondary glazing first.

I walked into Wrenbury to buy some milk at the local store, a headline on the newspaper stand said 'Summer to continue for another month'. It was on the front page of the Daily Express (must be true) so I bought a copy to show the crew.

We only cruised for an hour, through the Wrenbury lift bridge and Marbury Lock to moor on a long straight section of the canal in splendid isolation, apart from a few distant farm buildings no civilisation on show except for passing boats.

The sun is hot, washing is drying above the tiller, we washed down the towpath side of FL before giving it a polish. Sue got baking scones, cake and bread while I went down the engine hole to drain the fuel filters, top up the starter battery and check the oil levels, Betty polished the windows inside and out. Secondary glazing is back up. All the above took up most of the day, after all that work I borrowed Sue's fishing kit and sat on the bank in the late afternoon sunshine and chilled out for a while.

Sue at the controls of the Wrenbury lift bridge

View from the kitchen window.

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