Monday, 15 September 2014


Friday- We are now berthed in Aston Marina, the plan is to go and pick the MIL up from Somerset who is coming to Llangollen with us. I will take the opportunity to visit family in Dorset. Enterprise has rented us a  Darcia Duster... no, I've never heard of it either, still, it is roomy enough to bring all the bags and bedding Betty will need for her stay.

We have booked into Aston Marina for winter November - March, the place is pretty full, we only had a few berths to choose from, last year we had 20 or more.

We went into Stone and visited the Titanic pub which brought back fond memories of new friends made after we had dinner in The Blue Rooms who specialise in pies. superb they were too, not ceramic pots with a puff pastry lid but a proper wedge of homemade pie. We will definitely visit again over the winter.

Sunday - I watched the best game of football in quite some time. Better than any Premiership or Champions League game. Grandson Jayden turned out for Bransgore Youth Club and put in a scintillating performance, playing at the top of a diamond system he excelled in attack and defensive duties, scoring two goals one a stunning left-foot volley into the top corner of the net on the way to a 4-2 win. Both teams enjoyed a well-earned glass of squash with plates of chips in the clubhouse afterwards.

Jayden and Francesca at 'the best ice cream shop in the world' at Barton on Sea.

Monday - We were up at 03:30 for the trip up to Staffordshire, I wanted to miss the Birmingham pinch point,  we were back on board FL with Betty and her bags by 07:00.

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