Friday, 19 September 2014

C&RT Enforcement Notice.

I now know why the Cheshire Locks are called 'Heartbreak Hill', not because of the sheer number of locks to work through but because of the awkwardness of a lot of the exits.

We set off at 08:00 to complete the rest of the Cheshire locks, we stopped at the Kings Lock Inn at Middlewich for a nice lunch and a glass of ale. I popped next door to the chandlers of the same name to see Steve and purchase a fan belt for the spares kit.

This boat was moored on a lock landing .

A C&RT enforcer left the owner a note.
After Kings Lock we took the left hander onto the Wardle Canal which quickly becomes the Shropshire canal's Middlewich branch. FL is moored above bridge 22 on a high embankment overlooking the river Weaver Flashes.

Left to the Wardle Canal and Shropshire Canal Middlewich branch

Lunch break.

The lock wheelers walk.

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