Monday, 8 September 2014

The Tamworth Two

Pulled the pins at 8:30 the sun is out but with a chill to the morning but by 11:00 we would be peeling off the layers. Passing through Polesworth the canal hugs a hill on its way to Tamworth, viewed from the canal Tamworth is a smart, densely populated residential thoroughfare of neat borders, gnomes and colourful gardens with the odd trampoline thrown in. There are eleven bridges to be negotiated before we reach the Tamworth Two .... Glascote Locks, where there is a queue and we are third to descend.

At Fazeley Junction we join the Birmingham & Fazeley canal for 5 miles where it becomes the Coventry canal once again, a result of 17C canal rivalry and politics. As Tamworth fades behind we are cruising through dirt brown farmland and the remnants of harvested wheat and hay until we reach Hopwas where again the canal clings to a hill high above the Tame River. A military firing range is at Hopwas Hays wood to port, my canal guide describes it as a dangerous area, we wont be stopping.

We have moored above bridge 81 outside the village of Whittingdon, chairs are on the bank, Sue is fishing while we soak up the last rays from the yellow sky disc.

Misty chilly start to the day

Sun dial

Aqueduct over the River Tame

And again

One for Scotty to climb.

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