Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sue steers over the aqueduct!

We wanted to take the horse drawn boat to the Horseshoe Falls to save Betty's legs, but being a weekend they were all fully booked, we decided to leave it until next time.

This time Sue was at the tiller when we crossed the Aqueduct, she steered FL straight and true. There was a bit of a hold up at Chirk Tunnel while we waited for six boats to pass through, then we were third in a convoy of four to travel eastwards, the day boat behind us had a party going on with beer and beats, the bass was resonating through the tunnel.

We moored up after we had passed through New Morton Locks, 12 miles from Llangollen.

Colourful bread vulture!

Horse boat terminus

Busy at Chirk Tunnel

View from the hatch

Horse Shoe Falls (Web Picture)

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Diane and Ray said...

There will be no stopping you now Sue if you can steer over the aqueduct you can do anything, so chuffed you did that love D&R