Sunday, 7 September 2014


It was such a lovely day we decided not to move and do some maintenance tasks. We removed the cratch cover and while Sue got to grips with scrubbing it clean with suds, water and vinyl cleaner I sanded the cratch board and gave it a new coat of varnish. I then rubbed down the scarred starboard top rubbing strake and coated it with black hammerite, it's the first time I've used hammerite, I want to see if it is more durable than the black gloss I have been using, one advantage is it does not require primer or an undercoat.

Our mooring on the Coventry Canal is sandwiched between a field of spuds and a field of sweetcorn, a couple of fields back from the spuds there has been a Mottocross event taking place, the bikes sound like deranged wasps trying to find a way out of a window.

Tomorrow we will make our way closer to Fradley Junction and the Trent & Mersey

Our Route from the Oxford canal to the Trent and Mersey canal at Fradley Junction.

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