Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Manx Flag at Grindley Lock

The morning was cool as we set off for Whitchurch but the brightness in the sky looked promising, it did not disappoint. Just a mile down the canal we were at Quoisley Lock, I expected to meet Richard Parfitt here but instead we met one of his roadies, Ken has left the hedonistic rock world and now grows vegetables and keeps hens on an allotment, the produce he sells at lock side.

Ken helps us through the lock.

Kens shop.

Sue checks out the produce.

Two lockies helped us climb Grindley Brook staircase locks, one of the lockies was very interested in the Isle of Man and since he collects flags we gave him one of ours, it should be adorning  his collection by the side of the canal on the way back.

Happy lockie with Manx Flag.
Looking down the Grindley Brook staircase locks.

We have moored just before the short section of reclaimed canal of the Whitchurch Arm. Before the arm was regrettably filled in in 1944 . A cargo of Cheshire cheese used to leave Whitchurch wharf bound for Manchester once a week. The Cheshire blue vein I have heard is particularly good, so we went in search of a wedge of it in the town. It is quite a trek from the canal along a laid down sandstone trail to the centre of town, there we picked up a few provisions along with the wedge of cheese.

St. Alkmunds built circa 1713.

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