Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Missing links.

Set off out of Aston Marina by 10:00 and moored up in Stone by 12:00, visited the Titanic pub (The Royal Exchange) where we bumped into Phil and his pooch Freddie who had kitchen passes for a couple of hours, we last met up with Phil at the pub last winter along with the rest of the Aston Marina Friday early doors crew. Phil is looking forward to this winters gathering although it will somewhat depleted.....The mad as a hatter crew of Ewn ha Cul, the batty fruitcakes of Ferndale and the pair of crackers from Caxton will be elsewhere, Michelle the landlady was her usual bubbly self, free bowls of chips were presented to us to welcome us 'home'.

Phil & Sue


ray said...

Just for the record Andy, Diane is classified as mad as a box of frogs and that comes from Dot the chief mad-hatter
hope you said hello to Phil for us -
love to Sue,
from Ray

Andy said...

I think myself as the only sane one amongst the group... I have a letter from my doctors to prove it!