Monday, 12 May 2014


Yesterday we went to the Tom of the Wood pub with the intention of having a Sunday meal, no such luck, they stop serving food at 16:00 and the pub shuts at 20:00 on a Sunday. Just time for us to have a quick drink and back to the boat to raid the under the bed emergency larder for a pouch of meatballs which we had with pasta.

We haven't moved today, thought we deserve a rest day before tackling the Hatton Flight of 21 locks, which will take us into Warwick tomorrow.

I attended Warwick University in the 90's, sent there by my then employer to improve my business/management skills. This involved 3 days a month of 12 hour days of intense lectures and sessions in the Uni bar ( I stayed on campus),  returning the following month for a day of exams and another 3 days of lectures  this repeated each month over a period of 18 months.

What did I learn.. not to volunteer for a company's management development scheme ever again!

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