Saturday, 17 May 2014


The sun was hot from the word go today, I got the wet and dry out and rubbed down some rust patches on the roof and gave them an undercoat, I had rubbed this area of the roof down last year but I used a top coat from a tin left on board when we bought the boat and I think it was passed it's best as it has started to peel in patches, I will have to find time this year to give it a thorough sand down and repaint, until then a bit of touching up will do. Yesterday I put an undercoat on the starboard rubbing strake and today I applied the black topcoat ready for when we scrape it off again in the Braunston Tunnel in a few days time.

We have booked a berth at the Crick Boat show and will make our way there for Friday

This evening we met up with our niece Jacqui, Tom, young James, A J and Lynne for a meal in the Boathouse. After A J and Lyne headed off home to an epic session of Downton Abbey.... the rest of us had a stroll along the towpath to show James the boats in Braunston Marina and a cup of tea on FL.

The Boathouse

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